Around two weeks ago, we wrote a post about Romain Gavras in which we featured one of his music videos.  We here at Unique Visions absolutely love music videos and their short-form nature, so we've decided to start a weekly post every Monday in which we show our love for music videos by featuring one of our favorite bands, artists or directors and showcase some new talent from around the world.

In part 1, we feature two unique music videos by director Joel Trussell, but note his talent extends well beyond music videos.  Just check out this example of a very cool TED Talks on the topic of Pizza Physics.  Not to mention he is the director of Electric City - a gem of a show, check it out!


Joel Trussell - Featured Director

DJ Donna Summer / Jason Forrest - War Photographer

There are so many things awesome about the "War Photographer" music video, but what we love in particular is the spewing of color at the end of the clip.  Not to mention the pretty cool beats.  To create this little gem, the director, Joel Trussell, edited the whole video so that each beat corresponds to an animated image onscreen.  That takes some time and effort, kids.  As impressive as the editing is, the narrative and ability to tell a compelling story in less than 5 minutes puts Trussell in the win column for us.  As such, he has earned the honor of being the first featured director on Music Video Mondays here at Unique Visions.

The other clip we want to show you is his work for Kid606 on their track "The Illness."  Although made in the same style as the War Photographer clip, this music video winds up being more unique, yet less humorous...  And we like that.

Kid606 - The Illness

Short and sweet for part 1 in our on-going series, Music Video Monday.  Thanks for reading.  We love you... ;)  Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or contact us to get yourself a unique music video.

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