When Google announced they would be retiring their Google Reader service, we were left wondering "what now?"  And then came a unanimous answer: Feedly.  And this service has become another member of our  "What We Love" club.

As digital content producers we are always looking for great content to inspire us, or to share with our followers.  Like this.  As a content aggregator, Google Reader allowed us a neat way to "cut-to-the-chase" of multiple websites.  Essentially by stripping websites bare of ads and poor design, you would no longer have to deal with long load time and therefore can discover more content, more efficiently.

So in March when Google announced their news, four of our team members sought out a similar service to use.  They tried out three popular alternatives: NewsBlur, The Old Reader, and Feedly.  After a month of testing, every member of our staff who participated chose Feedly as their new "Google Reader".  Why?

It all begins with the simple integration with your old Google Reader account.  The presentation and layout of Feedly is more stylized, and you even get the option to customize certain options in the preferences pane.  And then there is their slick mobile applications - our staff showing a little more love for the Android-based app than the iOS app for general ease-of-use.

Not so great?  The missing ability to search within a source or category.

For all four testers, Feedly was the answer to their Google Reader dilemma.  Just because they are retiring Google Reader, doesn't mean you have to retire your streamlining.  Unique Visions recommends Feedly.

What do you think?  We always love to hear from you in our comments section!

*We received no payment or gifts for this blog post.  We just wanted to share another of the things we love.

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